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A Few Final Thoughts On the Molly Hooper debate

If you were here yesterday, you might have seen a mammoth post on Molly Hooper and Sherlolly that was being reblogged back and forth: you can find it here and here. (there are two links, because there were two threads and I actually think there were some misunderstandings because they got separated.)  I eventually deleted all of it from this blog (more on that later), but today I’ve actually gotten quite a few asks about it. So I’m detailing my final arguments in here, for referencing purposes, and then letting the matter rest.

First off, I deleted all of the original postings, because I felt the document (as a whole) was clunky, somewhat incoherent and tending towards personal attacks, which I didn’t think added anything to the blog. So here we go, main points of other’s arguments answered only. If my argument has changed at all, it’s because I’m both more coherent in the mornings and because I truly did take the time to read all of your comments. Again, as some of you seemed to have missed the warnings last time: this is all personal opinion, not an attack and absolutely not a representation of anyone else in this fandom: I’m allowed to have opinions on everything, as are you and we should respect that if we want to attempt a discussion. 

1) Ship whoever you want, love whoever you want. I never meant to be rude or disrespectful and I apologize if anyone viewed my arguments as a ‘ship war’- this is a discussion and ships are very personal: our perceptions of the characters color what we see on screen and that’s true of EVERYONE and I absolutely think we should ALL respect that. 

2) No one is a misogynist simply for not liking Sherlolly or, for that matter, Miss Hooper. That’s akin to saying one is homophobic for disliking Johnlock, when one might have very valid reasons against both. While indeed there is both misogyny and homophobia floating around at times, to use these words for over-arching labeling purposes is irresponsible and frankly, rude. 

3) Molly Hooper is a problematic character for me (And again, make note of the personal pronoun). If she was real, I would have no issue with her personality. I do take issue with the fact that she is the ONLY reoccurring young female on the show and that her portrayal is not very obviously that of a strong protagonist. You may disagree and that is fine: what needs to be kept in mind  is that the vast majority of people don’t analyze characters like we do here: most don’t have degrees in gender studies or film studies: they take Molly Hooper at face value and I find, that at face value, she presents a problematic (note I didn’t say hateful) narrative of  female stereotypes. We have yet to reach an age in which everyone (or even the vast majority of people) fully separate these stereotypes from the genders to which they are associated and so having your only female protagonist embody them is, for me, a bit of an issue. If there were more realistic representations of females in Sherlock, I would have far less of a problem. I don’t count Irene, as she only showed up for one episode and it was immediately apparent that she was not meant to be a ‘relatable’ character, whereas it has been said many times by the cast and crew that Molly is meant to appeal to the everyday woman. 

4) When I say I could see issues with Sherlolly, you need to understand a few things: One: COULD. As in these are the potential problems, not necessarily ones that woud occur. I think from what we’ve seen so far, Molly has not consistently proven (in my eyes,and yes, that may indeed be different for you, which is totally fine) that she is dynamic enough to handle Sherlock when he becomes impossible and that, in conjunction with the way he constantly hurts her feelings (whether intentionally or otherwise) would make me a little wary of seeing this happen. Note that I am not suggesting Molly can’t stand up to Sherlock because she is a woman: Irene clearly did, so all I’m saying is I have yet to see it from MOLLY. 

The second point is CURRENTLY. This dynamic could absolutely change and I’d love a little more of the strength in Miss Hooper to be broadcasted, but I also don’t want to see them completely change her without a good reason/back story. I felt Moriarty and her dating him might have been a good impetus to see some real character growth, but I didn’t get a sense of that, so here’s to hoping we see more of Miss Hooper’s backbone in Season 3. 

And fin. Feel free to reply, but those are my arguments and, as always, I’m open to convincing. I feel that part of the really valuable aspect of having so many people devoted to a show is that we can use it to explore other viewpoints and thoughts and I do feel that opinions should be openly discussed.

P.S. the only reason I noted my sexuality in the second post was because I saw quite a few ‘oh these heterosexual girls who only ship men with men because of self-loathing and misogyny’ going around and I honestly don’t think that’s a valid argument on many fronts for the vast majority of this fandom and was making the point that labeling and assumptions are very, very dangerous always. 

P.P.S. I should also note that this is not directed at anyone in particular: I simply felt the need to clarify my stance, even for my own sake and to answer the most prominent points that I found. Forgive me if I skipped anything, it was genuinely overlooked. 


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